The JUSTICE CECILIA MUÑOZ PALMA FOUNDATION (JCMPF), the QUEZON CITY UNIVERSITY(QCU) and the JUSTICE CECILIA MUÑOZ PALMA SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL (JCMPSHS) entered a partnership for the Education Assistance Program.    The JCMPF has offered to provide an Educational Assistance Program to poor but deserving students of the Quezon City University (QCU) who graduated from the Justice Cecilia Muñoz Palma Senior High School to be able to stay in school and complete their studies. 

The QCU is a Local University Institution of Higher Learning and is mandated to set academic standards and initiate innovations in teaching, research, and faculty development; provide various forms of community, public and volunteer service, as well as scholarly and technical assistance to the government, the private sector and civil society while maintaining its standards of excellence, desires to help and provide opportunities for training and learning in leadership to economically challenged but deserving students

The JCMPSHS is a public high school mandated to enhance education by providing holistic and quality co-curricular programs, projects and activities that will prepare the students in Payatas community towards the new millennium and to deliver quality, effective, and efficient delivery of educational services

The Educational Assistance Program shall provide an allowance per semester to deserving students currently enrolled at the Quezon City University (QCU) and who graduated from Justice Cecilia Muñoz Palma Senior High School.  The allowance will be provided until the student finishes the program course in four (4) years.  Educational Assistance Program is only offered to graduates of the Justice Cecilia Muñoz Palma Senior High School and cannot be transferred to another person for whatever reason. The donor for the Educational Assistance Project is King Solomon Sports Center Corp.  For 2022-2023 2nd Semester, JCMPF have given an allowance of Php4,000/sem to 55 students of QCU who graduated from JCMPSHS.    

BS Entrepreneurship13116
BS Management Accounting10001
BS Industrial Engineering25108
BS Electronics Engineering00101
BS Information Technology4627239
Educational Assistance Project for the Alumni and Graduating Students of JCMPSHS